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How to Choose Melbourne airport parking rates?

Melbourne airport parking rates: Having a flight scheduled to leave from Melbourne International Airport, but just intending to use the terminal parking at either the international or domestic arrivals terminals? During your journey, Parks has identified car parks that provide the finest parking amenities. Using parkas to compare car parks near Melbourne Airport is simple and easy.

You may examine all of the various parking choices available:

At each of the car parks and make your selection for a Melbourne Airport car park from the information provided. Making your parking reservation and payment online makes it simple to reserve and pay for your parking spot.

Furthermore, the parking lots are near to Melbourne airport parking rates, which saves you a significant amount of time, and they are also less expensive, allowing you to save money. You may select between short-term and long-term parking at Melbourne International Airport. When planning your trip, you may use our website to find out which low-cost parking lots are available on the days that you want to go.

Melbourne International Airport:

Was constructed in the 1970s to take the place of Essendon International Airport. Tullamarine is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, that is adjacent to the M2 highway. The airport serves as a hub for major airlines such as Virgin Australia.

It has four terminals, and you can walk to all of them from the station. Airport Terminal 2 serves as the international terminal, while the remaining terminals serve as the domestic terminals. It takes just 10 notes to walk from one end of the airport to the other end of the airport. It is Australia’s second-largest airport, behind Sydney, which is the country’s busiest. Disabled access is available at all Australian airports, and they may supply you with wheelchairs and other help if necessary.

Melbourne airport parking rates at a low cost

When you’re finalizing the arrangements of your vacation, it’s simple to reserve a parking spot near Melbourne Airport with parks. The prices for alternative car parks that are listed on the parkas website are often less expensive than the rates for parking at Melbourne International Airport.

Parking at Melbourne International Airport for an extended period of time is possible with the car parks listed on our website. Making a reservation with parks at Melbourne Airport ensures that you will get excellent service at a reasonable cost. To prevent the stress of arriving at the airport and searching for a parking spot, book your parking in advance on the internet. Australia has a number of airports, including Sydney and Perth, where parking is available.

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Melbourne airport parking rates


The car parks are in close proximity to Melbourne International Airport. The distance between the car park and the airport varies depending on where the car park is situated, but they are usually short distances, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time parking your vehicle and traveling to the airport in order to save time.

Compare the cost of airport parking at one of the car parks listed on our website to the cost of parking at one of the authorized airport car parks and you’ll save money. By comparing your parking choices near Melbourne Airport, you may save a significant amount of money on your parking spot when using parks.


A cheap price does not necessarily imply poor quality of service. You may see and feel it for yourself at the car parks that we compare and contrast. It is critical for car parks to provide high-quality service and to ensure that their clients are satisfied. Because the car parks do not rely on extraneous luxuries, the rates for Melbourne Airport parking are competitive.

Additional alternatives may be available in the parking lots, such as having your vehicle serviced at Pink Elephant Parking, which is located near the airport. parks offers the most competitive rates for parking at Melbourne Airport, and you can reserve online at any time. Aside from that, you’ll get first-rate service.


It is not just our view that the car parks perform well; consumers agree as well. When you return from your vacation, you’ll get an email from us inviting you to write a review of Melbourne International Airport parking. You may tell us what you think about the service and provide feedback by submitting your review. Our parking providers have received an average rating of 9.3 stars.

Park and ride lots are available for as little as $12 per day.

Our Value Car Park is a good option if you’re intending on staying for a long period of time or just want to get the best deal possible. Service buses depart the Value Car Park every 15 minutes from 4am to 1am, seven days a week. Outside of these hours, a concierge transport service is available. To make use of the concierge service, please push the assistance button located at bus shelters.

Excellent value for money

A fantastic low-cost alternative for getting access to all terminals in a matter of minutes. If you’re on a tight cheap, our Value Car Park is the perfect solution.

Courtesy bus service is provided at no cost.

Service buses depart the Value Car Park every 15 minutes from 4 a.m. to 1 a.m., Monday through Friday. It won’t take you extended to get to the terminal since there are stops at each one.

Outside in the fresh air

Value is an open-air parking lot that is ideal for longer trips or for those on a tight budget.

Parking for people with disabilities

Our Value Car Park offers accessible parking for those with disabilities. Courier buses are also accessible to people with disabilities and are wheelchair-friendly as well.

An excellent position with easy access

Our Terminal Car Parks are designed to be as convenient as possible. Our Terminal Car Parks, which are conveniently located directly outside Terminals 1, 2, and 3, as well as at Terminal 4, provide convenience and value while only a few minutes’ walk from the terminals.

The most convenient site in relation to the terminals

Our Terminal Car Parks are just across the street from the terminals, so you’ll be able to check in within minutes of arriving.

Save money by booking early

By pre-purchasing your tickets online, you may get the greatest price. The sooner you book, the more money you save on your trip.

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Melbourne airport parking rates


You’ll have the finest parking location in the house when you utilize our Premium parking. Premium parking spaces are situated directly in front of the entrances of the car parks that are closest to the airports.

Our Premium Car Parks, which are located in the Terminal Car Parks at Terminals 1, 2, and 3, as well as another at Terminal 4, provide unrivaled convenience while being just a few minutes’ walk from the terminals.

The most convenient site in relation to the terminals

Our Premium Car Parks are situate directly in front of the car parks that are the most convenient to the terminals.


You’ll have the luxury of a premium park, and you’ll be able to keep your own keys.

Parking in the center of the lot

The Business Car Park is an excellent option for Qantas passengers seeking for a parking space in a convenient location. It is just 50 meters away from T1, making it the most convenient location possible.

The location that is the closest to Terminal 1

Our Business Car Park is just across the street from Terminal 1. Within minutes, you’ll be in the airport terminal thanks to a short walk.


You’ll have the luxury of a premium park, and you’ll be able to keep your own keys.

Cover by a canopy

Using our Business Car Park shade cloths, you can keep yourself shield from the weather. Our Business Car Park, we provide parking for those with disabilities.

Are you taking a vacation during the school holidays and searching for a good deal?

The Value Parking Garage is the best option for you. Service buses depart the Value Car Park every 15 minutes from 4am to 1am, seven days a week. Outside of these hours, a concierge transport service is available. To make use of the concierge service, please push the assistance button locate at bus shelters.


Ideal for local or international flights with Virgin America. Get direct access to Terminals 1, 2, and 3 by booking online or driving up on the day of your arrival. The old Long-Term Car Park has been rename Value, and it now has a decrease daily cost of $12, which is the same as the previous rate.

  • You may opt to park under cover at any of the two multi-level car parks for $49 a day since Terminal has similar pricing throughout all facilities.
  • Premium Parking provides three excellent parking choices at a constant daily rate of $79 per day.
  • You have an option between Terminal, Business, and Valet parking.

All online reservations are now completely flexible, allowing you to cancel at any time before to arrival without incurring any fees. Additionally, all online reservations include a one-hour departure grace period. Therefore, in the attention of your safety and convenience, we have also implement a completely contactless payment system.

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